I’m part of many Facebook communities, many are entrepreneurship related.

I see endless posts from alternative healers and wellness practitioners promoting their offerings and one type of post I see every week, is on the topic of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is being peddled to Survivors of abuse as a necessary service we must buy from EFT practitioners, Energy Healers, Coaches, the list goes on. It’s packaged beautifully in a 90-minute single session, or a short series of sessions, designed to “dive deep” and “find forgiveness so you can finally move on with your life.”

I’m here to tell you that if you see these types of posts, and you feel guilty for NOT buying the service with the pretty graphic, or because you did and it didn’t work, this important message:


Forgiveness is not a requirement sexual violence survivor advocate Ashleigh Rae

You don’t have to forgive the perpetrator, the people who should have but did not protect you, law enforcement, mandatory reporters, anyone, or anything that should have stepped in but didn’t.

It’s not a requirement.
It’s not a “goal” to reach on your journey.
It’s not a necessity.

For some of us, forgiveness is important – and that’s ok.
For some of us, not forgiving is important too – and that’s ok.

You CAN heal, recover, and rebuild your life without forgiveness. This is YOUR road to healing and recovery – and it must be done on your terms for it to be effective, not on the preferences of a clever marketing campaign that tugs at deep hurts.

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